About yoga, about our studio

Yoga, with love

Why to choose us?

  • We love yoga
  • All levels are welcome
  • You can try different types of yoga
  • You don’t have to be flexible to join in
  • We have experienced and qualified teachers who continuously educate themselves
  • The studio’s environment is clean, beautiful, and got great, unique vibes
  • We provide all the equipment for you to participate in a class
  • Here you do not need to others to approve you. Where you are right now is perfectly enough. We help you to get where you want to be.
Mental development
Conscious lifestyle

Yoga studio in Óbuda

You find our high calibre studio in the centre of the 3rd district, we held the practices in two well-equipped rooms.

The location is at the corner of Kunigunda and Hévizi street, 2 streets away from the junction of Vörösvári and Bécsi street. You can leave your bike and stroller just outside of the studio in a safe, dry area.

The BKV public transportation takes you here:

Bus number 137, 237, 160, 218, 260, 260 A

Tram number 1, 17 and 19

You can park your car in the nearby designated area.

All yoga classes are open to all levels, immunity cards are not requested due to Covid regulations.

Registration for class is not needed for afternoon practices. In case of morning classes, please send an email to iamkingaszabo@gmail.com latest on the previous day until 8 pm.

If you’ve never tried yoga, we suggest starting with the beginner classes, we offer two styles in English.

Monday 17:30 Kinga Szabó

Wednesday and Friday at 8:30 Kinga Szabó

Registration for workshops is needed, please send an email to utkozbenjogastudio@gmail.com

If you have a Motibro account, please click here.

If you want to register click here.

If you registered for a class and for any reason you can not make it, please send an email as soon as possible. If you don’t cancel your registration an hour earlier latest, we withdraw a class from your pass. If you don’t have a pass, we ask you to pay it online on the same day of the class on Motibro by card.

Please pay a 50% fee when booking workshops to secure your place. You can pay by card online on Motibro. If you reserve your spot on the week of the event you have to pay the full amount.


Tax. included in the price




1 class

3000 Ft

the same day of purchase

1 online class

2300 Ft

the same day of purchase

5 classes pass

13900 Ft

4 weeks

5 online classes pass

10900 Ft

5 weeks

10 classes pass

26800 Ft

8 weeks

10 online classes pass

20500 Ft

10 weeks

20 classes pass

51000 Ft

12 weeks

Monthly pass

29000 Ft

1 month, limitless

Trial weekly pass

6000 Ft

7 days, limitless

Couples ticket/pass

10% off

Couples, partners are able to purchase passes which you can use together

Single parent

10% off

Please send an email to utkozbenjogastudio@gmail.com before purchase


10% off

Please show a valid document to prove your status

Private class


Previously discussed session with the instructor

We accept payment by cash, with debit card or SZÉP card. You can also pay online in advance via Motibro.

Cancellation Policy

Registration is necessary for programs, workshops and those classes in the schedule where it says it’s mandatory. For the morning practices please sign up the previous day by 8 pm, for the afternoon practices please sign up the latest 2 hours prior to start time. 


Passes are valid for all practices. 

Please send us an email at utkozbenjogastudio@gmail.com if you’re interested in courses. 

If your pass is no longer valid, unfortunately, we can’t refund you. 


Other activities

 Please send us an email at utkozbenjogastudio@gmail.com if you’re interested in private programs for groups, companies, or one-on-one sessions.


Address: 1037 Budapest, Kunigunda útja 18.

Phone: +36309246424

email: utkozbenjogastudio@gmail.com 


Útközben yoga Óbuda (on the path of yoga)  – yoga studio, spiritual centre, community space

80% practice and 20% theory

“The body is the temple, the asana is the pray.” – BKS Iyengar

 The final destination of yoga is to free yourself, the citta vritti nirodha.

Yoga is a practical tool for self-discovery that shows our relations and patterns. It is the relation to my body, my habits, my lifestyle, my relationships, my job, and my calling. A human being is capable of changing but needs great effort to do so.

We provide you with the tool.

Alexandra Brávácz is the studio owner, spiritual leader and founder of the Útközben yoga community. Anett Kőváry is the studio manager (and organiser.)

 Our mission is to offer a happy and balanced way to live. We most certainly provide it from the best and greatest intention and knowledge.

If you pay conscious attention to your environment, you get to know more about yourself as well as the world. A human being is whole, without separation, but can only experience if one creates inner peace and freedom.

In this process, we invite you to join our community to feel safe and held by others. In a place where people arrive with exact aims and find refuge. An ashram to step into a spiritual retreat.

Srama means to step on the path of inner freedom.


Our Mission

The mission of the yoga studio is to offer classes, workshops, courses, and programs to those who have an interest in yoga and self-discovery, whereby they can enter the path of change with efficiency and courage. 

  • The asanas are one part of the 8 limbs of yoga, not yoga itself. Yoga is more than simply putting asanas together, pranayama, dharana, and dhyana are also very important parts, we practice them in the studio as well.
  • We provide meditation, discussions and gong baths in the studio. 

 Nourishment of the body-mind-spirit

Our main aim is to keep the tradition and maintain a stable community, where you can find a home for your ever-changing self. 

This is an exciting journey, but it is also common, that we’ll have more and more questions, and we might become unassured whether we’re on the right path. It is important to know, that it is normal and there is a place and community where you can meet like-minded people. The connection is none other than the yoga and Buddhist traditions. 


 We have authentic teachers, who work as a group. We have monthly gatherings, and we teach and learn from each other. Our instructors as very dedicated and active yoga practitioners. 

 Yoga tradition

Yoga is about self-awareness and the change of the connection to the world. Yoga is a therapeutic system. It is about the control, awareness and connection of the body, mind, emotions, and relationships. It is our goal to shine the light on the path where we’re not slaves to our body, instinct emotions, and automatic thoughts. Let us develop distance, and space so that we can become unattached to them. From the condition of the body, we can conclude the mental, emotional and cognitive state. 

Chronic posture = chronic life

We look at the body first and learn how to control it. The body is an ecological system itself. If we look at it as a separate “thing” that is attacked by illness, we can often fall into thinking medicine will take care of it. In this case, it is a rough physical body, and we treat only the symptoms. Hindus never believed in the cause of the otherworld, they always thought of the cause within themselves. 

The body becomes musculus, strong, and firm as a side effect of the practice, but it can not be the single goal. 

 As the body strengthens and becomes more flexible so as the mind

 Mental tension and stress cause muscular tension in the body. After the stressful situation, the body still holds the tension. It affects the thinking of one, manifesting the same negative state of mind. In yoga, we think there’s a fundamental connection between the physical body and the characteristic of one. 

Simply about yoga – Yoga with love

Through self-discovery we get to understand the world better. Yoga helps us to get to know ourselves better. But you might wonder which type of yoga is best for you?

Let us guide you here.

The main aim of yoga is to create harmony within body-mind-spirit. Many of us are not aware, but we all aim for that, but we get distracted by everyday hustles. 

Although our path might be different, our goal is the same. There are many different types, it is good to know what to choose from. 


If you start to do yoga it’s for sure the right path, but also be mindful of expectations. It doesn’t matter how well you do an asana, or how it looks like. Yoga is not a competition. Yoga is rather a tool to experience our boundaries, and beyond. Our experienced teachers are here to help you to deepen in this wonderful since to reveal first in your body later in your mind and spirit the fruits of a regular practice. You’ll feel fresh, energized, conscious, positive, healthier and altogether happier. You’ll see your life context clearer, and you get closer to the real You. No one can experience this instead of you, and the key to a change is to practice. 

The practice is a complete and perfect theoretical and practical science. Through the practice, one gains an understanding of the theory, and vice versa. Although you are the one who needs to enter this path, you can count on us! You can meet those teachers who we would want to practice joyfully, they’re helpful, skilled and friendly, they will accommodate you. 

Have never practised yoga before?

No problem, no need to be afraid of it. First please read here about yoga, so you know what to expect. If you visit us, our experienced teachers are here to help you. We encourage you to ask questions them!

Looking forward to seeing you!

Alexandra Bravacz - studio owner

“There is no road to happiness. Happiness is the road itself.”